Foam Prop Skull

Foam Prop Skull

Foam Replica Human Skull

These creations where made to practice painting decay effects. Along with rough carving into the foam copy's, I then used water based …
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$75.00 each


Artwork Originals

Artwork Originals

The Rainbow Skull Series

8x10" acrylic airbrushed on canvas. Sunday …
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Pile of Skull Art

All of these were created in about an hour a …
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On Duck Duty

16x20" airbrushed canvas / private collection I …
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8x10" canvas/airbrush on canvas This was a …
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About Me

Excelling in Multi-Media Arts

Are you looking for finely designed, handmade creative artwork and sculptures? Karman Art is a multi-media artist you should certainly visit, as you're sure to find something that will catch your attention. I've been creating outstanding airbrush art for over 40+ years. Drop by for a visit or get in touch online ...

Custom Pieces, Perfect for Gifting

All my pieces make for the perfect gift for all sorts of special occasions, and I can tailor all the details to your taste. I can work from photographs, or from a reference picture, or even from an idea, or a worded or spoken description. I am also capable of working in traditional or modernist styles, and my ...
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